Christopher LeRoy Burnett

U.S. Army

First Sergeant

Paola, KS

Terri L. Burnett, spouse

Christopher LeRoy Burnett was born on November 2nd, 1955 in Olathe, Kansas - a city suburb of Kansas City, Kansas. Primarily known as Chris Burnett and starting his active career in 1974 at the age of 18 years old, he has continued as a life-long learner while performing music professionally for over three decades. After his family traveled extensively in early childhood and lived at such places as: France, Michigan and Colorado, he was subsequently raised and grew up in the small KC metro city of Paola, Kansas where his studies in music began seriously under clarinetist, James R. Fuchs. Mr. Fuchs was the local school band director who exposed him to professional saxophone players like Charles Molina and Gary Foster during those formative years. His brother, Richie Pratt, who is also a musician (New York Jazz Quartet, Broadway, Film, Studio, etc.), and the eldest sibling in his family, continues to serve as a significant professional role model and mentor. Prior to establishing his current professional performing and recording artist activities, Mr. Burnett completed a 22-year active-duty career performing professionally and touring with various noteworthy US military bands organizations. And thus, he has already participated in thousands of live performances. His honorable services resulted in the receipt of numerous award decorations, for both musical and military excellence, and include: the Department of Defense Meritorious Service Medal, two individual awards of the Army Meritorious Service Medal, and many others. Notable highlights of his military music career include: a Staff and Faculty assignment at the Armed Forces School of Music; Leading Chief Petty Officer of the NATO Band at Naples, Italy where he served as NATO Ceremonial Band Conductor, Jazz Ensemble Director, and featured soloist during performance tours which also included several television broadcasts; being featured at age 23, as alto saxophone soloist with the Hof Symphony Orchestra (Germany) during two recorded Hauptkoncert (Main Concert) performances of the Rolf Liebermann 12-tone serial work, Concerto for Jazz Band and Symphony Orchestra (comp. 1954); along with jazz performances with his quartet outside of the military jobs. Ultimately, Mr. Burnett's service with professional military musical organizations provided vast legitimate educational opportunities; while simultaneously providing the essential incomparable real world performing and touring experiences that are necessary for an artist to mature and develop a unique musical voice. Therefore, his credentials in this regard have ultimately been validated and his artistry consistently proven over a significant period of time that covers several decades as well. Today, Mr. Burnett continues to perform at various locations world-wide, while being permenantly based at home in the Kansas City metropolitan area. For more information please Google: "Chris Burnett jazz"